In The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, how does Santiago overcome his suffering? 3 examples please

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Santiago is not the kind of character to remain in a suffering state. He is one who learns to follow the Language of the World through omens and different spiritual guides who help him throughout the story. The only times that he could be considered suffering is after he is robbed at the market in Tangier when he first gets to Africa; the next time would be when he gives up all his money to a warring tribe and must figure out how to turn himself into the wind or die; and finally, when he is robbed at the pyramids and beat up by a gang of thieves. After each situation, though, Santiago finds the courage and personal strength within himself not to be a victim and perform a pity party. He decides to move forward with a positive attitude and make the best of the situation. Even at the end of the book, after he has unlocked many of the silent languages of the world, he learns to laugh in spite of hardship because he understands more about life and the world than just succumbing to the saddness of one moment. He learns that those who really suffer are those who do not understand the beginning and end of all things and that all things are one.

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