How does Rusty-James talk about his girlfriend in Rumble Fish?

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Rusty-James talks about his girlfriend in Rumble Fish in a way that is less than flattering. He makes her out to be cold, unreasonable, and insanely jealous.

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Whenever Rusty-James talks about his girlfriend, Patty, you start to wonder how they ever got together in the first place. When Rusty-James comes over to Patty's house, it's immediately obvious that she's mad at him, so much so that she initially stands in the door to bar his entry.

Rusty-James makes Patty out to be unreasonable. When he comes over to her place without being invited, he says that she wants to start a fight; what's more, it's clear that this fight will not be over anything she's actually mad about. So although Patty isn't really mad over Rusty-James coming over when he's not supposed to, that's what she's going to pick a fight over.

After the initial standoff, Patty lets Rusty-James come into the house. According to him, this is because Patty is crazy about him. He knew she'd open the door for him eventually. Such overconfidence on the part of Rusty-James—not to say arrogance—indicates that he takes his girlfriend for granted. Apparently, he's so great that she cannot resist being in his company.

However, no sooner have Rusty-James and Patty sat down to watch TV than Patty asks Rusty-James if he, Smokey, and Smokey's cousin took any girls with them on their recent trip to the lake. Rusty-James says no, and before long, the two are making out, an indication of how their volatile relationship goes from zero to sixty and back again in a matter of seconds.

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