Haroun and the Sea of Stories

by Salman Rushdie

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How does Rushdie use humor in Haroun and the Sea of Stories?

Expert Answers

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One of Rushdie's multiple styles of humor in Haroun and the Sea of Stories is his use of puns in characters' names. For instance, Rushdie names the genie character Iff. The idea that the genie—a mythical entity who turns a "what if" desire into a reality—has a name that cleverly plays on this idea is one technique that Rushdie uses to amuse his audience. On a more elementary note, Rushdie also names two characters Snooty Buttoo and Butt. Both of these names contain the word butt, which is often used as a subject in filthy jokes that many children and adults with a dirty sense of humor find amusing. These two techniques are the most profound methods that Rushdie uses to incorporate comedic elements within his work.

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