In Nectar in a Sieve, how does Rukmani break from the conventions of her culture?

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Rukmani possesses are very special skill---she knows how to write. Her father felt this was a very important tool for all his children. This skill has a "double-edge" throughout the novel.  Rukmani teaches her own children this skill. For some characters, writing provides a path to knowledge and a recognition of self-worth.  For others, writing exposes the caste system inequities, anger, and discontent. At one point in the novel, Rukmani  uses her skill to help feed she and Nathan. Men look at her in disbelief. They have never seen a woman who could write anything.

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rukmani belongs to a very well off family but due to her marriage in a poor farmer's family she has to make my adjustments espcly with her cultural n social background..... she takes help of a foreign doctor kenny for conceiving sons without the knowledge of her husband.......c accepts her sons working in tannery then going abroad...... c accepts the unsocial act of her daughter bcoz it brings money in the house then she acceps the extra marital affairs of her husband.......all this changes gradually take place in the life of rukmani

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Rukumani meets kenny but she did not tell her husband about this meeting. She gave birth to four children with the help of kenny.she also knows where goes her daughter,but she did not told about this of her husband. In this way Rukumani break the conventions of her culuter