How Does Romeo Change Throughout The Play

How does romeos character change over the course of the play?

Expert Answers
blacksheepunite eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The biggest change in Romeo seems to be in his willingness to take action. Initially, Romeo spends long hours wandering around the woods by himself, shuttered into a dark room. When he meets Juliet (the sun), he comes out of his darkness literally and metaphorically.

xfrozenpetalx | Student

In the beginning, it's easy to see how he acts before thinking, and is kind of immature. But in the end, he slows down. One of his most examplatory quotes would be the one where he is talking to the Apothecary, and says HE gave the poison, not him. Meaning, money causes corruption in people, and his actual poison is for good..for love.

and yes this is like 2 years later..but I know people still look at yeah :)

cuteengreader | Student

At the beginning of the play Romeo is in love with Rosaline he is totally devastated, gloomy he doesnt want to talk to anybody he hides himself etc... then as he meets Juliet everything is full of light, he is happy again, he jokes around with Mercutio.. he talks about death but you dont take him that serious...then he gets more and more mature however this change doesnt happen untill after he kills Tybalt.. when he is with the Friar you can see he is on the floor throwing a tantrum like a little kid then he slowly gets up till he is standing, from that point on you know that he is mature, you believe him when he gets the poison he will really take it...

i hope this helps :)