How does Romeo and Mercutio's relationship lead to Mercutio's becoming involved in the brawl with Tybalt?  Comment on dramatic irony.URGENT ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED THANKSSS :)

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

First of all, Mercutio has a name that indicates his personality:  mercurial

After speaking with Benvolio about Romeo in Act II, scene i, Mercurtio becomes concerned and wishes to "raise up him," for he realizes that Romeo is in love now with his enemy, a Capulet.  Later, in scene iv, Benvolio tells Mercutio that Tybalt observed Romeo at the Capulet party for Juliet, and has sent a letter (probably a challenge to duel) to Romeo's father's house. Knowing Romeo's state of mind--"Stabbed with a white wench's black eye, shot thorough the ear with a love song" Mercutio questions whether Romeo is "a man to encounter Tybalt?"

As a loyal friend, therefore, Mercutio takes  upon himself to answer Tybalt who asks for "a word with you" and challenges him.  When Tybalt accuses, "thou sonsort'st with Romeo--" Mercutio's temperamental nature gets the better of him and he is angered.  With Romeo's attempt to reconcile differences, "I do protest..But love thee better than thou canst devise...," Mercutio becomes incensed, believing that Romeo is "dishonorable" in his "vile submission."

The dramatic irony in this situation is that Romeo has not submitted, but has married Juliet and is now part of the Capulet family; thus, because he loves Juliet and Juliet loves Tybalt, Romeo feels that he loves Tybalt.  Of course, Mercutio knows nothing of the marriage; only the reader/audience does.