How does Roman Polanski and Trevor Nunn present the play Macbeth in contrast to Shakespeare? Please refer to themes and quotes. Thanx a lot.

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The chief complaints against Polanski's version is excessive, unnecessary violence and gratuitous nudity.

Here is an excerpted review by Glenn Erikson of the 1971 film:

About the best the critics could muster for Macbeth was to grudgingly chart Polanski's alterations to the bard. "Lady Macbeth walks around in the nude", was about all one heard, as if the movie had tried to turn Shakespeare into Oh Calcutta!, or Hair. Theater critics normally enjoy debating alterations and edits done to the famous texts, as improvements or interpretations, but in film, even Laurence Olivier was clobbered for daring to cut scenes from his 1948 Hamlet. Orson Welles? He was always considered untouchable-crazy anyway, so the radical reshaping in his movie versions were indulged or praised as inspired creativity.

Not so Roman Polanski. Here was a play with bloody mayhem in practically every scene...

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