How does the Roman people's/plebians' inactive participation in government (preferring someone else to make desicions for them) lead to tyranny?in Julius Caesar

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Antony offers Caesar the crown three times. The people shout in agreement. They are giving up their voices to Caesar. According to Casca, Caesar refused, but each time more gently than the others. Again, the people shout in agreement that Caesar be crowned.


...and he pushed it aside three times, Every time more gently than the last, and at each pushing aside, My honest neighbors shouted
The people are shouting for Caesar to be crowned. They are giving up their voices.

Brutus is worried. He believes that Caesar has become too ambitious. If Caesar is to be crowned king, that means the people will becomes Caesar's slaves. Tyranny will be enforced.

The people are surrendering their voices to the will of Caesar. Caesar will become a dictator. The people will have no say on any matters of government. When the people give up their rights, Caesar will take over. Of course, the conspirators will see that this does not happen.

Brutus does not give up his voice. Brutus maintains that he loves Rome more than he loves Caesar. For this reason, Caesar must die. Brutus is an honorable man and he will not sit still and watch Caesar become a tyrant. Caesar has to die. He has to be stabbed thirty-three times to ensure that Rome will remain free from tyranny.

Brutus made the mistake in allowing Antony to live. In the end, Brutus falls on his own sword and Antony becomes one of the most powerful men in Rome.

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