The Fall of the House of Usher Questions and Answers
by Edgar Allan Poe

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How does Roderick Usher's state of mind deteriorate? Show parallels between the House of Usher and Roderick Usher.

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While there are different ways to answer how and why Usher's mind deteriorates, it is essential to focus on one specific aspect to establish what his decaying home truly represents, as a metaphor.

Hence, the best way to correlate the loss of Usher's mental faculties and the loss of his house's lustre, is by arguing that both losses are caused by the Gothic inevitability created in Usher's cursed bloodline.

This information comes from the narrator, when he confesses a discovery that he has made on the Usher clan.

I had learned, too, the very remarkable fact, that the stem of the Usher race, all...

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