How does The River Between express the impact of colonialism in Kenya?

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Ngugi wa Thiongo’s The River Between generally explores the coming of the British colonists to Kenya and the cultural clash resulting from the interaction of local and foreign interests. The impact of colonialism, as portrayed in The River Between, can perhaps be well understood by looking at how different characters respond to the colonial rule. First off, Chege is partially welcoming to the white man’s way of life. He tells his son Waiyaki:

Go to the mission place. Learn all the wisdom and all the secrets of the white man. But do not follow his vices. Be true to your people and the ancient rites.

Joshua, largely because he is a newly converted Christian, starts to develop a hatred for his traditional culture. He repents for all his past sins, including marrying a circumcised woman. Further, he warns his children that refusing to denounce the African culture will lead to serious consequences.

Faced with contending allegiances, Waiyaki is forced to choose between remaining true to his...

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