How does Richard Rodriguez identify himself?

bhav1110 | Student

In the beginning of the book, Rodriguez identifies himself portrays himself as a young child having to deal with many different aspects and politics and events that went through his young life. Such as the Civil Rights Movement. He basically gives us a view of what it was like being billingual, being brought up Catholic, and being different among all other things.  Not only that it his education that seemed to seperate him from others. His mother in the end wasn't happy about him sharing his personal family life with the world in his book, but this is what he did. This is who he truly is a writer. He exposes his personal life and the struggles he went through for a reason. Perhaps he was happy with his life, perhaps he wasn't, but overall I feel that he did that to better educate people of those times in history.

So his true identity is indeed, he is a billingual man, who is technically an american citizen, but is of Mexican descent. He is a writer, and overall the book is a triumph. This is who he is.

glblstudent | Student

he identifies himself as an American, and as a writer. Although he understands that his genetic make-up may influence who he is, he doesn't think it defines him.

jessibilly | Student

He considers himself an American and a writer.

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