How does the Revolution affect the individuals of Animal Farm both the leaders and followers?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

On one level, the revolution causes great change.  The humans are no longer in power on the farm.  The animals are able to carry out Old Major's dream of a social and political order where animalism is present.  To a great extent, this is something that impacts and influences all forms of life and all aspects of consciousness on the farm.  Yet, the flip side to this equation is that while the animals are able to possess political control, there is little real change.  Animals have replaced humans, and this is something that Orwell brings out to a great extent.  The abuse of political power and desire to consolidate control over the animals are realities that still affect those in the position of power, regardless of animal or human.  One of Orwell's critical points being made is that there is an intrinsic condition to political power in the modern setting that is predicated upon control.  This is something that has to be checked and scrutinized at every turn and Orwell brings this out in his depiction of how the revolution affected both the leaders and followers of life on the farm.

dennew | Student

The revolution only continues into a repeat of history.  The humans have charge, then the animals take-over the reins.  Then the animals shift out weak and the pigs become the leaders.  Darwin's Theory holds true with this literary piece.  It can be discussed in class with reflection of our founding fathers and present-day government.  Darwin's Theory, political powers, and government vs. people power.