How does the Reverend Smith's personality differ from that of Mr. Brown in Things Fall Apart?

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Mr. Brown is a gentle, caring man. He is the first white missionary to share his faith with Umuofians. Through his patient nature, he gains respect from the clan. Mr. Brown witnesses through a calm nature. He does not force his opinion or his faith on the clan:

He neither attacks the tribe's customs nor badgers them to join him.

Mr. Brown keeps his overzealous members in check. He will not allow them to attack the Umuofians. He is simply about educating the Umuofians and their children. He desires to make their lives better by enlightening the clan about the confusing customs such as throwing twins into the Evil Forest.

He simply offers education to the Umuofians and their children. The mission is flourishing when Mr. Brown has to leave for health reasons.

Reverend Smith steps into Mr. Brown's role because of Mr. Brown's failing health. Reverend Smith is the opposite of Mr. Brown. He is forceful in his nature. He leads with aggression. He is passionate and angry by nature. Where Mr. Brown was kind and gentle, Mr. Smith is "angry and flamboyant."

Reverend Smith denounces the tribe's traditions, customs, and practices. He dismisses church clan members whom he feels are filled with the devil:

He denounces the tribe's customs and bans from his church clan members who must be, according to him, filled with the devil's spirit to want to continue tribal tradition.

Mr. Smith's attitude is dangerous and causes much tension and strife among the clan members. He does more dividing that unifying. He does not edify and build up the Umuofians. He harshly criticizes the Umuofians. He does not make a positive difference.

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