How does religion (both Catholicism and the Jewish tradition) influence Michael in Snow in August?

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Michael is the son of Irish Catholic parents. His parents' beliefs, faith, kindness, and courage are a great influence on Michael. Their Catholic beliefs are the first that influence him to be pure in heart and loving. It is his mother's courage, rooted in her Catholic faith, that opens the way for him to explore and embrace the new world he finds.

He refused ... revealing the source of the luminous light. He would wait. ... Be good. Be pure. ... He could hear the ... catechism teachers as clearly as he could hear Shazam.

Rabbi Hirsch introduces Michael to the Jewish belief in the power of the Word and of History. It is these powers that influence the awakening of his compassion for ideas and people outside himself. Michael finds the richer historic world of Judaism, especially Kabbalahic tradition, a great influence on his desires and actions, especially those that will direct his future life, such as education. Of course, also, it is the influence of Judaism that leads him to help Rabbis Hirsch and Lowe call up the Golem with the words and history of the Kabbalah.

"The Golem," Rabbi Hirsch answered. "The word, it means in dictionary English, like a robot. But the English word, you know, is not really true. ... the Golem has another meaning." [...] And by saying the correct words from the Kabbalah, he could bring the mud to life.
That is, through the wisdom of God, he could make the Golem.

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