How does the relationship with Anne change with Mrs. Lynde, Marilla and Gilburt in Anne of Green Gables?

Expert Answers
Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Anne Shirley's relationship with Mrs. Lynde, Marilla, and Gilbert develops and deepens as she learns more about them as people throughout the novel.  Whether she likes it or not, Anne learns something from each of these characters through her mistakes and interactions with them.  For example, in her dealings with Marilla, Anne learns much about respect and patience.  Marilla becomes a great female role model for Anne, since Anne's previous caretakers never spent much time on genuinely teaching Anne moral and proper behavior.  Marilla very quickly learns that although she comes from a humble background, Anne is prideful, a dreamer, and quick to anger. 

All of these characters have conflict with Anne in some way.  Ultimately, Montgomery uses the conflict and Anne's humorous responses to reveal to the reader that nobody is perfect and everybody is capable of improving their character.