In The Kite Runner, how does the relationship between Amir and Baba change when they move to America?    

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Baba and Amir have a strained relationship in their homeland. Baba is extremely successful and is condescending towards Amir's interests, wishing him to be more practical and enterprising. Things change when the two move to America.

Upon moving to America, Baba's health deteriorates over time, and his wealth is completely lost. He has to start from scratch with a gas station, trying to earn enough money for a home and car. His newfound humble situation changes his attitude, and Amir changes as well.

Amir begins to grow more confident—in America he has more opportunities to pursue things in which he is interested, and he becomes somewhat popular and successful—at least more so than he was originally. This endears him to the newly-humble Baba, who shows him more respect and care than he had ever before. Because they have left servant Hassan behind as well, there was no one against whom Amir would be compared so often.

As they live in America longer, the two spend more time together....

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