How do Ray Bradbury, Shakespeare, and the Bible all influence each other?

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wordprof eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This question needs a little rewording, since obviously Bradbury did not influence Shakespeare, and neither influenced the Bible.  (On closer inspection, however, one could argue that the St. James translation of the Bible was influenced by the changes in the English language that Elizabethan drama brought about.) But looking at the ways authors are influenced by previous works is a legitimate scholarly pursuit, if somewhat outdated since New Criticism.  Bradbury was a very knowledgeable author who used all of contemporary culture in his work -- a case in point is his Martian Chronicles, whose whole point was that civilization on another planet would parallel many earthly stories and environments, because human nature would not change.   Finding Biblical references in literature is a life-long project for some scholars, and Shakespeare references are ubiquitous, even in book titles alone.