How does Ray Bradbury, in his novel Fahrenheit 451, argue that new technology will affect society in the future? Does he suggest this technology will have positive or negative effects?

In Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury argues that new technology will negatively affect future societies by eliminating social interaction opportunities, cultivating an ignorant population, oppressing personal rights, and destroying individuality.

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In Ray Bradbury's classic novel Fahrenheit 451, Montag lives in a dystopian society which is completely reliant on technology. The superficial populace spends the majority of their day consuming mindless entertainment. In the dystopian society, technology is used as a destructive force employed by the authoritarian regime to cultivate an ignorant, passive population.

The deadly Mechanical Hound and the interactive parlor walls are two primary examples of advanced technology. These examples both contribute to the oppressive, hostile environment and dissuade citizens from exercising their minds. The Mechanical Hound hunts and kills political dissidents. Massive parlor walls, essentially a full room of television screens, provide the citizens with mindless entertainment. The citizens watch television alone, which undermines their relationships and ruins their ability to interact and communicate effectively. Montag's strained relationship with Mildred primarily stems from her addiction to watching their parlor wall televisions all day.

The Seashell ear radios, fighter jets, high-speed beetle cars, and atomic bombs are other examples of harmful technology, which are depicted throughout the story. Given the adverse portrayal of advanced technology, Bradbury is critiquing the negative influence technology can have on society. According to Bradbury, technology has the ability to undermine relationships, facilitate a mindless population, destroy individuality, and cultivate a passive, ignorant society. Technology is also used as a tool by the authoritarian regime to control and oppress the population.

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