In "Lord of the Flies", how do Ralph, Simon, Piggy and Jack each deal with the beast?

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Jack deals with the beast by offering it part of each of his kills and putting the head of the pig on the stick as a sacrificial offering to the beast. He does this in chapter 8 after he has broken away from Ralph and his tribe of boys. Ralph tried to tell the little boys in chapter 5 that they were just having nightmares and there was no beast.  Then he ridiculously tried to have a vote to determine whether or not they were, as a group, going to believe in the existence of a beast.  Secretly, Ralph fears there may be some entity on the island that is a beast of sorts.  Piggy rationalizes by saying, "Life is scientific....there isn't no beast - not with claws and all that,...".  He is the voice of intellect in the novel and he knows that it is irrational and illogical for their to be a beast. Simon also, in chapter 5, voices doubt about the beast. He understands, but can't articulate yet, that the real source of evil on the island is not some physical entity that is non-human.  He knows that the only problem on the island is the boys themselves.  He knows that the beast is really just the evil inside of each one of them.  He goes off by himself to his secluded place and, while in one of his seizure-induced trances, has a metaphysical discussion with the "beast".  He also comes to realize at this time that if the boys would all acknowledge the real source of evil, that they could overcome it.  He is killed though while trying to convey this knowledge.

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