In Lord of the Flies, how does Ralph learn of Jack's plans for him?"lord of the Flies" book in chapter 11

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Ralph and Piggy are standing on the beach and decide to call a meeting.  Ralph blows the conch shell, but no one appears.  The boys realize that the others have gone to join Jack's tribe.  They decide to go up the mountain to discuss matters with Jack and the others, but they are met by two armed "guards" who start to throw stones at them.  Just then, Jack and the other hunters show up with a dead pig.  They start to argue with Ralph, and Ralph tries to tell Jack how important it is to keep a signal fire going in case a ship or plane pass by.  Jack begins to argue with the boys once more, and orders his group of boys to capture SamnEric and tie them up.  Piggy tries yet again to be the voice of reason, but Roger rolls a huge boulder down the mountain.  It strikes Piggy, and he falls to his death.  At that point, Ralph realizes that this is no ordinary feud and begins to literally run for his life as the boys start to throw their spears at him.

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