How does Ralph learn of Jack’s plans for him?

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Ralph learns of Jack's specific plans for him from Sam and Eric. In chapter 12, when Ralph is on the run after Piggy was killed, he encounters the twins.  They are terrified and they are in Jack's tribe now, but not by choice.  They have been tortured and forced to be part of Jack's tribe. 

Ralph notes, however, that they are not painted, indicating that they haven't reached the full savagery of those who are painting their faces.  Because they aren't fully savage, they have enough civilization in them to warn Ralph of Jack's plans.  They tell Ralph to run and be gone for good. 

They tell him that Jack and the others plan to "do" him, meaning they plan to kill him like he's a pig.  They've been told already how to hunt for Ralph and how to throw their spears at him.  Ralph asks them what Jack plans to do with him once Jack has caught him. 

Sam and Eric tell Ralph that Roger has sharpened a stick at both ends.  That's what Jack did when he cut off the head of the sow and put it on the sharpened stick, then stuck the stick into the ground.  Clearly, that's what Roger has planned for Ralph when Jack and the tribe catch him.  With that news, Ralph runs away.

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