How does Ralph change his opinion toward the beast in "Lord of the Flies"?

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Chapter 10 is where Ralph begins to change his opinion about the beast. This occurs after Simon is killed in the previous chapter during the boys' frenzy. Ralph tells Piggy that they committed murder because he realizes that it was a savage frenzy that caused them to fall upon Simon and kill him.  He knows that they had all let the evil inside of each of them take control of themselves for that moment.  He tells Piggy that he is afraid "Of us," he says.  He is starting to understand that the real beast on the island is that evil in each of them and that the only way to defeat the beast is to keep that evil inside.  He also realizes that doing that is becoming progressively more difficult and that some of the boys are more savage than some of the others.  By the end of the story, Ralph has come to fully realize that there is no physical beast and he knows what Simon realized earlier that the real source of evil was that inner savagery..


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