How does Rainsford end up being the hunter instead of the huntee in "The Most Dangerous Game"?

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While Rainsford is being hunted by Zaroff, he knows that he is at a complete disadvantage: Zaroff has weapons, dogs, a knowledge of the terrain, and his Cossack bodyguard, Ivan; Rainsford has but a knife and his inherent hunting skills. Rainsford realizes that he must go on the offensive: He must try to kill Zaroff to prevent himself from being killed. So, he begins setting traps in order to reduce the odds. The Malay mancatcher, the Burmese tiger pit and the Ugandan knife trick were three attempts to eliminate his pursuer. After finally diving from the rocks into the waters and surviving, he went on the hunt once again. This time he surprised the unsuspecting Zaroff, and Rainsford became the hunter for the final time.

here2learn | Student

Rainsford becomes at the end of the story what he's feared all along....a condone cold-blooded murder for when he learns of Zaroff's game in the beginning of the story, he is disgusted by him; however as the ending of this story is ambiguous, it is implied that Rainsford indeed becomes the hunter rather than the huntee:

(1) Rainsford: "I'm still a beast at bay" [says that he is ferocious and not at rest until he wins'

(2) Rainsford: "Get ready General Zaroff" [says that Rainsford is not quite yet done with Zaroff's "game"

(3) Narrator: "On guard, Rainsford... [on guard suggests a duel because that is what is said for most of the times when one withdraws a sword and tells his opponent to defend himself]

**It is also stated at the end that Rainsford had never slept a better bed and enjoys it alas which is why he is the hunter and ot the hunted; he has done what once horrified him and has therefore also changed

 SOURCE: Apprentice Hall Literature 9

stray | Student

well rainsford become the hunter after his nerve brakes.. well he starts setting traps. like the tiger pit that general zeroff's hound fell into. then when he posts up his knife on that lim of the tree and hits ivan and kills him.then hhe set the human trap with that tree and slightly hits general zeroff. and last but not least on the 3rd day when general zeroff is out lokking for rainsford. rainsford makes his way to the mantion and waits for the general to return to his pad... and ends the whole game. hope this clears it up for you..

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