In The Kite Runner, how does Rahim Khan gain his redemption?

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scarletpimpernel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

At the beginning of the novel, when Rahim Khan calls Amir from Pakistan offering Amir an opportunity to redeem himself, Amir does not realize that his going to Pakistan is also a part of Rahim Khan's redemption.  Rahim Khan had participated in Baba's lie for years, covering up the truth that Hassan was Baba's son. So, when he tells Amir the truth about Hassan and why Baba treated Amir so harshly, he is participating in his own redemption, trying to set things straight before he dies.

Before Rahim Khan tells Amir the truth, however, he had already taken action to try to redeem himself with Hassan.  Although he never tells Hassan the truth about his heritage, he does search for Hassan and bring him and his wife back to Baba's house in Kabul, where they live a better life. After Hassan and his wife are killed by Talibs, Rahim Khan finds out where their son Sohrab is and calls Amir.  He then sends Amir on a quest to rescue Sohrab--this action on Amir's part redeems not only the novel's protagonist but also helps Rahim Khan find forgiveness for his participation in Baba's lie.

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