How do race and gender impact our social development in United States?

Expert Answers
mapriem eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In many countries, race and gender are major factors that hinder social development and human rights.  Looking at all the advancements in the United States with human rights, we can see the progression of opportunities and social development among gender and races.  Because of discrimination laws that have been passed,  there is less discrimination in the areas of education, job vacancies, promotion opportunities, and stereotyping. Enforcement of these laws have led to changing attitudes among the genders and races. In society we are more accepting of the advancements among genders and races in all facets of politics, performing arts, and leadership positions in our work force and government. Two examples of these social advancements include the election of our President, Barack Obama, and our Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton.

cincy-jt | Student

I belive that the fact we are such a young country we haven't full got over racsim and sexism. So people of other races or certain genders get sold short. Which leads to mostly white males with the say on how this country developes