How does the quote at the beginning of Chapter 11 relate to what is happening in The Secret Life of Bees?

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All that work to produce one result. Both the bees and the women  are working hard for a purpose. The women's purpose is to celebrate Mary Day, or the Feast of the Assumption when Mary died and ascended into heaven. The celebration goes for two days and one night with decorations, food, celebration, worship, and even a long awaited proposal that June finally accepted. All that hard work in such a short time. The celebration, much like Communion, resulted in the sharing of honey cakes as the body of the Queen, Mary. June's engagement to Neil and the culmination of Zach's kiss show the fruits of that labor. Zach vows to become somebody and find Lily to be with. This is the crowning promise of the celebration, a hope for a sweet future.

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