How does Queen Gertrude describe Hamlet's madness in act 5 scene 1?

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In act 5, scene 1, Hamlet discovers that Ophelia is being buried and witnesses Laertes overreact by jumping into her grave and insisting that he should be buried with his sister. Not to be outdone to Laertes's show of grief, Hamlet follows him into Ophelia's grave and the two men begin fighting. After Claudius's attendants manage to pull Laertes and Hamlet apart, Gertrude questions Hamlet about his erratic behavior and Hamlet responds by expressing his love for Ophelia. Hamlet tells his mother that if Ophelia had forty thousand brothers their love for her could not compare to his. When Claudius calls Hamlet "mad," Gertrude urges him to be patient with her son. Hamlet responds by making more outrageous claims...

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