How does Prince Prospero react to the midnight guest?

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appletrees eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The "midnight guest" is costumed in a black shroud-like garment, hiding all but a masked face which is made up with daubs of blood to look like someone suffering from the Red Death. The other guests are frightened by the appearance of this newcomer. Prince Prospero is appalled by the guest's appearance, and his horror gives way to outrage as he determines to punish the masked intruder for his insolence and effrontery. He first asks other guests to seize the intruder, but they are intimidated and frightened and refuse to do so.

The Prince decides to take matters into his own hands and, wielding a knife, begins to pursue the strange guest. Just as occurred earlier with the courtiers in attendance at the ball, the Prince goes through each differently-colored chamber in pursuit of the midnight guest, only to find, once they reach the last black-walled room with blood-red windowpanes, that there is no form beneath the shrouds of fabric. The intruder who had been costumed as Death personified is not a human being at all. But it would appear he/she is also not merely an illusion, because Prince Prospero suddenly falls down dead, showing the ravages of the Red Death on his face. The ebony clock strikes midnight, and each reveler begins to writhe in anguish as the Red Death consumes them all.

teacherscribe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Initially he is frightened; however, he overcomes that and is outraged.  He storms after the masked figure, ordering his revelers to seize him, though they refuse.  Overcome with anger at such an insult, Prospero draws his dagger to stab the figure.  However, when he grabs the figure and spins him around, he sees that it is really the Red Death itself and Prospero drops dead.

carebearcatlover | Student

well prince prospero react to the midnight guest in not such a good way he becomes worried and as his worrieness progresses he becomes madder at the guy for wearing red after he forbidded anyone from wearing red by the fact of the red death that had spread throught the country.

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