How does Primary Care focus help patients take better care of themselves?

sciencesolve | Student

The self-care programs, also called self-management programs, help patients to prevent and to work on staying healthy, to understand and use the information that is specific to their clinical condition. These programs can educate the patients to manage their health by developing the proper skills needed to their specific disease.

These programs are very useful to the people that have one or more chronic diseases and the topics covered by the programs are: effective approach of the specific clinical condition, effective communication with health professionals and family members, appropriate use of medication and techniques required by the clinical condition.e evaluate

These programs are evaluated through the results they have, such that: effective self-care behavior, self-efficacy because the patients become confident in managing the disease, in general, improvement in communications with physicians, fewer days spent in hospitals.

These self-care programs have also the potential to diminish the constraints on health services caused by the shortage of workforce. The primary care programs work if they are implemented as a part of larger initiatives that involve effectively both, technologies and community partnerships.

The numerous studies with regard to primary care programs have revealed the efficiency of these programs by improving the quality of people's life and health services use.