How does Priestley make Inspector Goole's appearance and performance dramatically effective and interesting to watch?

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Inspector Goole from the start is shrouded in mystery, and this continues throughout the play. His name makes it worryingly clear that what will happen is more an inquisition of souls than a normal detective investigation. It is through his methodical and painstaking detective work that each member of the family is exposed as contributing to the death of Eva Smith. When he says to the family: "It's the way I like to work. One person and one line of inquiry at a time. Otherwise there's a muddle", we become aware that he will work his way through each character. Goole remains impervious to any of the threats delivered by in particular Mr. Birling, and throughout the play it is clear that he is in charge and remains calm and does not get flustered. As Gerald's affair is revealed, Sheila begins to understand what is happening through Inspector Goole's approach: "No, he is giving us rope - so that we will hang ourselves." Throughout the play, Inspector Goole, in his relationships with the other characters, skillfully manipulates them through means of a bombardment of penetrating questions and hard startes which leaves them all feeling awkward and adds to the tension of the play.

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