How does the presence of Robert Walton in this book affect the text's treatment of science?

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lmillerm eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Robert Walton is essentially the narrator of the novel. He is retelling Victor's tale as Victor told it to him. Walton found Victor in the frozen Arctic and saved the young scientist from a death out in the elements. Victor told Walton the story of the creature. Walton, an Arctic explorer is in search of uncharted territory, which is similar to Victor's scientific studies. The similarities between the two characters make them sympathetic to one another. In addition, because Walton is not directly related to the story, he is able to add an air of sympathy in its retelling. Walton sees the likability and potential of the creature that Victor is unable to see, and Walton is able to portay that in his narrative. If Victor were the narrator, the tone and character portrayal would be wildly different.

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