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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

For a very complete discussion of issues relating to pornography, please follow the link below.

It is very hard to objectively determine how pornography has hurt the country.  This is because many negative outcomes that could be blamed on pornography can also be blamed on other factors.  Therefore, it is difficult to know how much of an impact pornography has on those outcomes.

Some common claims made about pornography are:

  • It victimizes children.  The link below discusses the prevalence of child pornography.  It also argues that people who watch pornography are more likely to molest children.
  • It leads to sexual violence against women.  Watching pornography, the argument goes, encourages men to have unhealthy attitdues towards women.  This can lead to them attacking women because they have stopped seeing women as people and have started to see them as sex obects only.
  • It leads to weakening of American families.  The argument here is that men who watch pornography end up damaging their real-life relationships.