How does Ponyboy describe his brother?

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Pony describes Darry as being six foot two with broad shoulders and a muscular build. According to Pony, Darry also has dark brown hair that kicks out in the front, with a cowlick in the back. Darry is also a spitting image of Pony's father, except his eyes are "like two pale blue-green pieces of ice." Although he is only twenty years old, Darry looks significantly older and has a cool, smart demeanor. Pony also mentions that Darry would be handsome if he didn't have such a hard, determined look in his eyes. Unlike Sodapop, Darry is extremely strict and serious. He does not particularly get along with Pony and works two jobs to make ends meet. Pony believes that Darry works too hard and resents the fact that he is so strict with him.

In contrast, Pony describes Sodapop as extremely attractive, with movie-star looks. Sodapop is not as tall as Darry but has a slimmer build and a sensitive face. Sodapop also has dark gold hair that he slicks back and lively dark brown eyes, which can be gentle one moment and reckless the next. Pony also mentions that Sodapop has his father's eyes and is a carefree, fun-loving teenager. Pony finds Sodapop to be significantly more understanding than Darry and gets along with him better. As the novel progresses, Pony discovers that Darry genuinely loves him, and their relationship gradually improves.

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