How does the political situation in Rome following Caesar’s murder compare with what it was under Caesar’s rule?

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I suppose you would have to categorize it is a state of uncertainty.  When JC was in power, there were groups of people, like Brutus, Cassius, and Casca, that were unsure that JC was the right leader for Rome.  In addition, to make things worse, those people very much supported Pompey and his ideas.  When Caesar was the lone power, that group longed for Pompey's rule when Rome knew how its leadership would act.

Following the assassination, there would have been the same type of questions raised about who was to be in charge.  Brutus has a commonwealth in mind where all citizens have an equal vote (I suppose we could equate this to an early idea of democracy).  It is evident that the people don't understand this as they immediately try to crown Brutus after he kills JC.  Using that understanding, that the people need someone to tell them what to do, we can see that the people are in a state of limbo with their leadership.  Do you back Brutus, or do you back Octavious?  This would have been too big of a decision for Rome's commoners to make without help.

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