How does the political atmosphere affect the setting?

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I think that the Nazi political atmosphere has a tremendous impact on the setting of Auschwitz.  The fact that Bruno cannot accurately pronounce the setting reflects how the political atmosphere impacts all of Germany to a point where words cannot express what is happening. The political atmosphere of Nazism is the reason why "Out- With" exists.  It is this political atmosphere that makes Bruno's father the way he is, insistent that this is the path he and his family should follow.  This political atmosphere is responsible for Gretel becoming so enamored with belonging to a socio- political setting predicated upon exclusion.  It is this political atmosphere that creates the "striped pajamas" as a way of identification and classification.  

The political atmosphere impacts the setting because it constructs who is accepted and who is isolated.  The instructions of never to cross the fence is a direct result of how the political atmosphere of Nazism impacts the setting.  Bruno defies this political atmosphere, representing some of the basic elements of the plot in the story.  It is this defiance to the political atmosphere that helps to bring out the thematic significance of Boyne's work.


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