How does Poe's biography relate to "The Tell-Tale Heart"? Use specific details from the biographical blurb and the story to support your ideas.At least three paragraphs.

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I don't necessarily agree that Edgar Allan Poe's personal life or supposed mental problems are related to his short story, "The Tell-Tale Heart." Some critics have suggested that Poe himself was mentally unstable, and that he based the story's narrator on his own problems.

Upon Poe’s death in 1849, his one-time friend and literary executor, R. W. Griswold, wrote a libelous obituary in the New York Tribune defaming Poe by attributing the psychological conditions of many of his literary characters to Poe’s own state of mind.

However, there is very little proof that Poe suffered from any form of mental illness.

Most critics, however, contend that there is nothing to suggest that Poe psychologically resembled any of his emotionally and mentally unstable fictitious characters. 

Poe did have many personal problems, including financial setbacks, alcoholism, failed romances, and the death of his young wife. But Poe's literary genius and the unusual subject matter of many of his stories seem to come from an incredible imagination and his own creative thought processes rather than mental disease.

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