how does the poem la belle dame sans merci highlights the aspect of the supernatural elements of mystery and fear?

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The theme of mystique and fear are highlighted in “La Belle Dame sans Merci,” written in 1819, by the depiction of a knight-at-arms who has been seduced and abandoned by a capricious fairy. Told in the form of a dialogue, the poem recounts the experience of loving dangerously and fully, of remaining loyal to that love despite warnings to the contrary, and of suffering the living death of one who has glimpsed immortality. At the start and the end of the poem,the night remains Tcold hill's site,' a world devoid of happiness or beauty,waiting for his lover to return.The element of mystery and fear are in juxaposition since he is in love with a 'faery's child' and this changes the expectations of the tale’s outcome and causes readers to reinterpret the nature of the knight’s desolation. Literature and myth are filled with examples of humans who fall in love with gods, and with little exception, such relationships bode disastrously for the mortal party.Fear lies in the fact that the story is symbolic of the plight of the artist,who,having fallen in love with beauty , cannot fully accept the mundane.Furthermore, the more one entertains feeling of beauty and love,the more empty and painful the world becomes. After his fairy-romance, the world is pale and devoid of charm, yet to the poem’s initial speaker the knight’s vigil, however inevitable, seems to be pointless and grim.
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