How does the poem "Home Burial" achieve the objective of modernist literature?

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The first thing to do with a question like this is come to grips with the most important term, in this case "modernist literature."  Four key characteristics of this genre include the following:  mundane (ordinary) subject matter, a pessimistic point of view (POV), multiple narrators, and the concept of the individual against society. 

"Home Burial " is about a married couple who has lost a child--a situation far more common, perhaps, than any of us would like to admit.  Once the child is gone, the couple can not seem to find a way to grieve together--another common experience even among people who love each other very much.  Love and death and grief are among the most basic elements shared by all humans.  In addition, the narrative itself is simply written--no frills or fancy poetic devices.  Just a...

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