How does the play Othello relate to a modern audience in today's society?

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In all his plays, Shakespeare uses themes which are as relevant in the twenty first century as they were in Shakespeare's day. Othello's themes are related to the complexity of love, betrayal and jealousy and Othello commits the ultimate crime of passion. Such themes have persisted throughout time and across the globe. Perceived or actual racial prejudice is also responsible for many problems and in Othello, Othello is himself aware of the pressure to prove himself to his Venetian counterparts who wonder how the beautiful Desdemona could be attracted to Othello "against all rules of nature"(I.iii.101). 

Othello feels compelled to prove his worth even though he knows that he is a worthy and noble soldier. It is his insecurity that drives his misplaced trust of Iago and jealous leanings towards his beloved Desdemona and it is his expectations of honor among his fellow soldiers which make the story line even more feasible. Even though Othello prefers Cassio over Iago as his lieutenant,...

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