How does Pi's character development contribute to major themes in "Life of Pi"? Themes:  survival, faith, storytelling, freedom, and science vs. religion.

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Life of Pi displays Pi’s courage in the face of danger and despair. Pi’s character changes according to the hardships he faces along the way to being rescued. His journey takes him from a young boy who has faith in God to a soul filled with despair. Throughout his ordeal, his faith is tested again and again. Pi is shipwrecked with only a Bengal tiger aboard a lifeboat with him. He does repetitious tasks such as cleaning the boat and writing to keep his mind occupied. He catches fish and feeds himself and the tiger.

At this point, all Pi can think about is survival. Despairing and alone on the lifeboat, he recalls that, “when I was beyond all hope of saving, he (God) gave me rest.” The themes of survival and religion are both intertwined here. Pi believes that his faith will save him and that he will be free from being lost at sea. Yet the longer Pi and the tiger are stranded, the angrier and more frustrated Pi becomes with himself and with God. He yells at God, asking him for his...

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