How does Pip have Miss Havishams Porter (Orlick) fired and why?

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In Chapter XXIX of Great Expectations, Pip has taken the stage from London in his shame at having been intolerant of Joe's ways during his visit in London. Still, his snobbishness remains as instead of going to the forge, Pip lingers in order to see Estella.  When he arrives at Satis House, he is shocked when, after having rung the bell at the gate, he is tapped on the shoulder by "a man in sober grey dress."  It is Orlick.  Pip looks inside the gatehouse and observes,

The whole had a slovenly, confined, and sleepy look, like a cage for a human dormouse: while he, looming dark and heavy in the shadow of a corner by the window, looked like the human dormouse for whom it was fitted up—as indeed he was.

Here the description seems to portend what will soon occur, especially when Orlick tells Pip that he announces people's entry with a hammer knock.  Pip enters and visits with Miss Havisham.  But, the next day, in Chapter XXX, Pip tells Mr. Jaggers that Orlick is not the right type of man to work at Miss Havisham's gate.  Jaggers seems "satisfied" at this news, and he replies,

“Very good, Pip,” he observed, when I had concluded, “I'll go round presently, and pay our friend off.”

When Pip is concerned that Orlick may argue with Mr. Jaggers, the lawyer replies, that he should like to see orlick try.

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