In Great Expectations, how does Pip change after visiting Miss Havisham?

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Key to understanding what actually happens to Pip and how he changes in Chapter 8, which narrates his first of many visits to Satis House into the realms of Miss Havisham, is the concept of class consciousness. What is awakened in Pip through this first meeting is a deep sense of his own inferiority and his poor social standing in the world. Note how this is primarily achieved through the helpful comments that Estella gives whilst she is "beggaring" him and following Miss Havisham's instructions to "break [his] heart". During this card game, Estella remarks about Pip:

"He calls the knaves, Jacks, this boy!" said Estella, with disdain, before our first game was out. "And what coarse hands he has! And what thick boots!"

I had never thought of being ashamed of...

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