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How does Pike's Place use coaching to train employees?

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There might have to be a slight distinction made here.  The business philosophy inspired by Pike's Place, called the Fish! Philosophy, might be where the origin of the question lies.  Pike's Place, itself, might be more of a workplace and the philosophy that arises from it was developed and articulated by Christensen.  The concept of coaching employees stems from the idea that if employees enjoy their workplace and setting, productivity and morale will increase.  In this light, coaching comes in many forms.  It could be in the manner in which a superior interacts with their employees, such as in the concept of "Make their day" or in the concept of "Play."  Most likely, the concept of the FISH! Card is where the most amount of coaching is seen.  Staff meetings can become places where regular praise and motivation are evident through the employee embodiment of FISH! Philosophy.  In honoring the FISH! Processes of the workplace setting, the philosophy stresses coaching and mentoring as ways to improve employee output and the emotional climate of the workplace.

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