How does Piggy generates the most pity and concern during the lord of the flies?I know he was bullied and ignored but I couldn't find the quotes.... Please can you help me!!! Thank you very much!!

mkcapen1 | Student

Piggy generates the most compassion other than Simon because he tries so hard to make things workout for the better.  The poor boy steps out of his comfort zone to try and keep things civilized. 

Even Ralph who becomes Piggy's friend later, in the beginning, feels that Piggy is a fat bore. (page 65)

Jack and his hunters had been trying to catch a pig but had failed.  Jack was already angry when Piggy said something.  Jack turned on Piggy and attacked him.

"He took a step and able at last to hit someone, stuck his fist into Piggy's stomach."(71)

Jack and his boys attack Piggy and Ralph and steal Piggy's glasses.  Piggy tells Ralph and the others what had been taken and the problem that it has now created for him.  Without his glasses he is virtually blind.

"That's them," said Piggy.  "They blinded me."(169)

Piggy and Ralph went to get Piggy's glasses back.  When they got to Jack's encampment Piggy tried to use the shell to demonstrate that he needed to be the one to talk.  The boys mocked him.

"The booing rose and died again as Piggy lifted the white, magic shell."(180)

"That's them," said Piggy.  "They blinded me."(169)

Roger launches a rock that causes Piggy to fall downward against a rock and be killed. 

"The rock stuck Piggy a glancing blow from chin to knee;"(181)

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