How does Pi's character development contribute to major themes in Life of Pi? Themes: survival, faith, storytelling, freedom, and science versus religion.

Pi's character development contributes to these major themes in Life of Pi in that it is through Pi's character development that these themes are revealed. The theme of survival is linked to that of faith, as Pi relies on his faith to survive. The theme of storytelling is evident when Pi recounts his story others and they do not believe him. Just as Pi's belief in God is based in faith, his story simply cannot be proven. 

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The themes of survival, faith, storytelling, freedom, and science versus religion are integral to Yann Martel's masterpiece, and Pi's character develops in all these spheres.

The notion of survival requires no real explanation—the entire book is about how, in the aftermath of a shipwreck, Pi survives 227 days adrift on the Pacific Ocean with only a tiger for company. His will to live and ability to adapt show remarkable character development.

The themes of faith and science versus nature can be discussed together. As a man who practiced an amalgamation of Hindu, Islamic, and Catholic beliefs, Pi is a remarkably spiritual man prior to his ill-fated journey. While stranded at sea, however, Pi's faith is tested to its limits. At the same time, having his world reduced to just sky and sea is a spiritual experience in itself.

When it comes to storytelling, it is interesting to note that when he and Richard Parker eventually arrive on Mexican soil and his initial story—of being stranded with...

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