How does Philip Malloy desribe Miss Narwin in his diary in Nothing but the Truth?

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Narwin is so dumb... I'll have to try something different with her.  Maybe I should tell her how boring she is.  Bad combo - boring teaching and stupid books...And now I'm going to get Narwin for a homeroom teacher too.

Philip Malloy's journal entries about Miss Narwin express his frustration about both his English teacher and her methods.  He certainly does not appreciate her more traditional teaching approaches, nor does he like her taste in novels, particularly The Call of the Wild, his required novel.  His attitude toward her is disrespectful and resentful; he seems angry that he has not been able to 'smooth talk' her into giving him better grades as he has in some of his other courses.  Philip Malloy's descriptions of Miss Narwin reveal his bitterness and discontent in his English class, feelings that will ultimately prompt him to act out during homeroom period, willfully breaking the rules in order to defy her authority.


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