How does the ph of soil affect plant growth?i am looking for the different types of ph soil that will most likely affect how the plant grows.

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besure77 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

PH measures acidity and alkalinity. Low pH, below seven, is considered more acidic while high pH, above seven, is considered more alkaline. Seven is neutral.

It really depends on the plants that are growing. Some plants prefer a lower pH and some prefer a higher pH. Food crops usually prefer soils that are slightly acidic or neutral (7). Generally speaking, more humid areas have soil that is more acidic. Some examples of plants that like acidic soils are gooseberry, kiwifruit, and columbine. Some examples of plants that like less acidic soils (more alkaline) are clematis, eucalyptus, and iris.

Soil pH has a direct connection to the nutrients available in the soil. Sometimes lime is added to soil to make it less acidic and to help neutralize it.