How does the Pepsi company help to protect the environment? What things are they doing to protect the environment?

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kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

According to their website, they are doing a number of things to help protect the environment.  They have won awards for their usage of energy star compliant appliances.  Apparently they are making an effort to use more solar energy in the process of making Sun Chips, another Pepsico brand.  They've also signed on to an effort to help eliminate wasteful water usage practices and address likely future water shortages in their manufacturing processes, etc.

krishna-agrawala | Student

I examined in detail the below referred website of Pepsi describing achievements of Pepsi in the area of environment protection. This site speaks of many award and recognition it has won for environmental protection. It also talks about the signing various agreements and making announcement which show its intention to do something for environment protection.

However, I think it will be proper to point out that on going throughout the details the only concrete achievement is using solar energy for some of the processes for some of the products in a few specified plants. There is no concrete data on the extent of use of solar power either in absolute terms as a percentage of total energy consumed by the company.

Also there is mention of solar power for advertising. Again without any supporting data.

Claims to plant, in collaboration with National Arbo Day Foundation, also on closer examination turns out to be announcement to distribute plants (50,000), seedling (50.000), and plant trees (200,000). Information on actual progress is not provided.

The company has listed purchase of renewable energy certificates as one of its achievement in the are of environmental protection. I do not understand the logic of such claims. Such certificates are generally purchased by companies form other less polluting companies, to compensate for their inability to keep environmental pollution within acceptable limits.

I think, any claims to protection of environment should be limited to only those achievements which are beyond the minimum acceptable requirements.