How do people react towards Caesar's death?   Describe

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In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar's the first reaction of the people of all ranks to the assassination of Caesar is one of terror. Trebonius describes the reaction succinctly when Cassius asks him, "Where is Antony?"


Fled to his house, amazed.

Men, wives, and children stare, cry out, and run,

As it were doomsday.

Even the assassins themselves seem confused, shouting contradictory orders, asking questions, wondering what action to take next now that they have created a power vacuum.

Then after Brutus speaks to the plebians in Act 3, Scene 2, the geneeral populace turns against Caesar and accepts the new leadership.


This Caesar was a tyrant.


Nay, that's certain.

We are blessed that Rome is rid of him.

But when Antony speaks to them after Brutus is finished, he slowly brings them around to feeling pity for Caesar and regret at losing him and finally to anger at Brutus, Cassius, and all the other conspirators. The enraged citizens force the conspirators to flee Rome, allowing Antony and Octavius to seize power and begin a bloody purge of all the men they suspect of being in sympathy with Brutus and Cassius.

Order is finally restored in Rome, and Julius Caesar passes into history.

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