How does "People In Hell Just Want A Drink Of Water" by Annie Proulxs demonstrate that "violence, the land, and hopeless love are the fundamentals of Western myth"? Please give a summary with quotes that illustrate this point.

This story is about two families, the Dunmires and the Tinsleys, who live in the Laramie plains. They both have sons, Jax and Ras respectively, around the same age, but are otherwise very different. Jax stays and becomes successful, while Ras leaves and becomes disabled. Ras returns and behaves in socially strange ways, eventually being castrated by Jax due to his outsider status. These events show the themes of attachment to land, violence, and, to an extent, love.

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Here is a brief summary of this story with some relevant quotes.

This story by Annie Proulx is told by a third-person omniscient narrator. The story is set in the Laramie plain in the early 20th century and focuses on two families: the Dunmires and the Tinsleys. The Dunmires are a family of hard men. Father “Ice” and his eight sons live in a small homestead since Naomi, Ice’s wife, leaves them after being “ridden hard and put away dirty.” (p. 4) The Dunmires work livestock, and have “a somber arrogance about them, a rigidity of attitude that said theirs was the only way.” (p. 9) By contrast, the Tinsleys moved to the Laramie plain from St Louis. They are “a different kind.” (p. 9) Mrs. Tinsley is...

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